It’s amazing how quickly this school year is going by.  Your students are working hard on various programs in the computer lab.   Your fourth and fifth graders are practicing their skills in Study Island.  Our kindergarteners, first, second and third graders are working on their skills in Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. I hope they enjoy their time in the computer lab as much as I enjoy getting to work with them.




October Computer Lab

Your fourth and fifth graders are working hard in our Study Island program.  They are practicing their skills in math and social studies.

The first through third graders are working in our Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress program.  They are building on their language skills through fun puzzles and games.

Your kindergartners are doing a great job in computer lab.  When we return from fall break will start working on our keyboarding skills and hopefully start writing stories soon.


Keep on typing…

Computer Lab this month…

Your third through fifth graders will be taking their Study Island tests over the next couple of weeks.  This test gives their teachers an idea of where they are starting the year academically.   We will benchmark again at the midway point and at the end of the year to see how much your children have grown.

The kindergarteners are already learning how to use the mouse and take care of the computers and their headphones.  We are working on Starfall right now and will move on to  other programs soon.

Your first and second graders are working on our Reading Eggs program.  This program tests their current reading ability and puts them  on an assigned path.  Along the way they will do different activities to help them build on those reading skills.

Must be May

Thank you so much to all of our parents for an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week.   You really are very special!  I hope all of you are getting ready for the Book Fair, Related Arts night and FIELD DAY next week.

Get ready for a fun month.

Study Island & Reading Eggs

The third, fourth and fifth graders will begin their final round of Study Island tests next week.  The tests will let the teachers know how far they’ve come since the beginning of the year and what they still need to work on to get ready for TCAP testing.

Your kindergarteners and first and second graders are working hard on our Reading Eggs program.  This program tests them to find their level and then gives them quizzes and games to help them become better readers.

I really hope your children are enjoying computer lab this year.  I love working with them and watching them grow.

Go Noodle… Go Noodle…


This year, the kindergarteners and first graders have been using GoNoodle – a free website that helps us stay active and have fun as a class. GoNoodle’s short, easy-to-follow videos get kids running, dancing, stretching, and practicing emotional awareness at school.

Kids can enjoy the same GoNoodle videos at home when you create a free account in their iOS app or at Sign up to connect to our classroom!

Click here to connect:

If you haven’t already done so, I hope you’ll consider creating a GoNoodle account for your family!

Mrs. Weddle